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Hospitality and names

We began writing this in the last few weeks of living in Milange. We had just spent a day driving around Milange on our motorbike, partly in order to collect a number of watch devices that I handed out to people as part of a study on sleep in rural and semi-rural communities (more on that another time), and partly just simply to get out and try to appreciate and remember life there. These goals gave us an excuse to visit some friends houses, just like how you would pop round for tea when you are in the area. (more…)


Ilha de Moçambique: a symbolic end to our Mozambique experience

Week 1 of our safari pilgrimage took us to a place that has been on our wish list ever since moving to Mozambique – Mozambique Island or Ilha de Moçambique. It’s one of the few tourist spots in northern Mozambique, an exception within our fairly rural Diocese. Think of it like a Mozambican version of Zanzibar – an island full of historical buildings, arabic charm, beautiful beaches, with traditional dhow boats patrolling the turquoise waters. (more…)

Limboing our way through the last leg

We are just back from a wonderful, but too short, couple of weeks in the UK. We became Godparents to our beautiful niece, celebrated a wedding of a very special friend, and spent a few days with family trampling around the British countryside getting nice and muddy. It has felt very different returning this time as this is our last stretch in Mozambique. In July we will leave Mozambique, returning to the UK in October time after an extended holiday. We’re now in a strange limbo period where we are concurrently trying to work out the logistics for packing up or selling the things we have here but also trying to live in the now and make the most of the precious remaining weeks. (more…)

Making a pizza oven

It’s taken almost a year to complete but now we have a working pizza oven, producing the best pizzas in Milange. Below are a selection of photos documenting the process, starting with a bit of research on of the basic bread ovens found in Milange and ending with the finished oven, complete with shelter. Click on the photos to view a full size gallery. Welcome to Pizza Anglicana!


Welcome to Pizza Anglicana!


Science in Africa with TReND, AuthorAID and a few connections

Just over a year and a few months ago I moved to a small town in the northern provinces of Mozambique to support my wife in her work in community development and water and sanitation. I went with a willingness to help out where I could, but with no real background in development, what was there to do for a research scientist in rural Africa?

African animals on a research paper (can you make out the title?)

African animals on a research paper (can you make out the title?)


One Year In Mozambique

It’s amazing how time passes. Today marks a year since we arrived in Lichinga to start our life in Mozambique. If you’ve been following our blog or chatted to us on Whatsapp/email/Skype or caught us while we were in England, you will have had a taster what that year means to us and what has happened in that time. This post is really for us to reflect back on the year, to remind us what we’ve done and experienced.