community life

What is it about community anyway? 

In our plan for our Safari we wrote about exploring the the idea of community and I’ve been wanting for a while to start collecting together some of our thoughts around this. This will be the first of hopefully many blog posts as we learn but this one tries to articulate our motivations behind wanting to find out more. (Massively simplified because it’s supposed to be a blog post and not an essay!) The next post will talk a bit more about some different manifestations of intentional community, particularly in reference to lots of inspirational people we have met so far on our journey and based around our time in Cape Town. (We’re really behind, having now been in Australia for a month!)



Accepting death

A strange blog topic for those reading from our culture I suspect but here it’s more normalised. Perhaps cultural but perhaps because it’s heart wrenchingly common and so much a part of day-to-day life. I received a message whilst I was in the UK notifying me that the Diocese car would be used for the funeral of a 4-year old child. The news of the death of the child was not the focus of the email.

This week a close colleague lost a second wife. (more…)

How big are your dreams?

Before you read any further stop and think about your responses to the following questions?

  • What is good about the town/village/city you live in? What do you like about it?
  • What are the challenges that people face?
  • What are your dreams for your town/village/city?
  • What systems are in place within your town/village/city to address those challenges and start to meet your dreams?