7 days ago

I spent my last night in Mozambique sat with a hastily tied capalana around my jeans helping prepare food for 70 people. I carried the boiled and peeled eggs in a basin on my head, but steadied by both hands. I collected some water for people to wash their hands in, marvelling at the speed at which it came from the tap, but still unable to carry the not even full bucket the 100 metres to where it needed to be. (more…)


Limboing our way through the last leg

We are just back from a wonderful, but too short, couple of weeks in the UK. We became Godparents to our beautiful niece, celebrated a wedding of a very special friend, and spent a few days with family trampling around the British countryside getting nice and muddy. It has felt very different returning this time as this is our last stretch in Mozambique. In July we will leave Mozambique, returning to the UK in October time after an extended holiday. We’re now in a strange limbo period where we are concurrently trying to work out the logistics for packing up or selling the things we have here but also trying to live in the now and make the most of the precious remaining weeks. (more…)