Our Pilgrimage Safari

Posts about our 3 month journey from Mozambique back to the UK and what we’re learning about community, ethical living and ourselves!

Ilha de Moçambique: a symbolic end to our Mozambique experience

Week 1 of our safari pilgrimage took us to a place that has been on our wish list ever since moving to Mozambique – Mozambique Island or Ilha de Moçambique. It’s one of the few tourist spots in northern Mozambique, an exception within our fairly rural Diocese. Think of it like a Mozambican version of Zanzibar – an island full of historical buildings, arabic charm, beautiful beaches, with traditional dhow boats patrolling the turquoise waters. (more…)


Pilgrims on a safari

We’ve decided to take a break between leaving Milange and landing back in reality in the UK sometime in October, though this is feeling more lame having just read the details of what Tim Peake’s body will be going through having spent 6 months in space. Our ‘re-entry’ will hopefully be a little less hangover like!

It’s not really a holiday (though it will certainly have elements of one) and we’re not ‘going travelling’ so we’ve decided to call it a Pilgrimage, ‘a journey of moral or spiritual significance’. (more…)