Pilgrims on a safari

We’ve decided to take a break between leaving Milange and landing back in reality in the UK sometime in October, though this is feeling more lame having just read the details of what Tim Peake’s body will be going through having spent 6 months in space. Our ‘re-entry’ will hopefully be a little less hangover like!

It’s not really a holiday (though it will certainly have elements of one) and we’re not ‘going travelling’ so we’ve decided to call it a Pilgrimage, ‘a journey of moral or spiritual significance’. (more…)


Guest post 4 – an engineer asks

Lindsey came back with Joanne from the UK to Mozambique and got a bit of a whirlwind tour of Mozambique and Malawi. He patiently accompanied, and offered both technical and physical support to, our well-digging work at the lake and was a great distraction from the challenge of leaving friends and family again. He writes a lovely blog on some of his questions as first timer in Africa. Disclaimer: most are not engineering related but check out Lindsey’s own blog ‘Engineering beyond the 9 to 5‘ if that’s what you were looking for!